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Why Choose Clickwik

Clickwik offers huge customer database from Industrial clients to offline trading stores giving you an opportunity to deal with specific target audience that is right for your business. Whether listing a few products or entire inventory, We help you with smart cataloging. We manage your catalogue providing attractive, clean and complete product description and images leading to quick buying decisions. We partnered with logistic services to handle all your shipment burden, Where we take care of product delivery from the beginning till it reach the customer destination.

All you need to sell on Clickwik is -


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Growth in Online Market

Witnessing Vertical growth in the past years, retailers are moving towards online selling.

  • Avoid huge investments.
  • Large customer base to sell anywhere.

Get orders across India

Receive orders from every part of the country and follow the simple steps to fulfill the orders.

  • Simple dashboard
  • Sale events, advertising and promotions

Ship with ease

Enjoy easy pick-up and delivery across India with our logistics partner.

  • Efficient pick-up network
  • Professional packaging support

Earn big

Our payments process is the fastest and you will get payments in as little as 7 days of sales.

  • Fastest payment settlement
  • Detailed reports to track your payments

SELL ON Clickwik

Clickwik Marketplace is India’s leading platform for selling online Electrical products. Be it a manufacturer, vendor or supplier, simply sell your products online on Clickwik and become a top e-commerce player with minimum investment. Through a team of experts offering exclusive seller workshops, training, and seller support, Clickwik focuses on empowering sellers across India. Selling on Clickwik.in is easy and absolutely user friendly.

All you need is to register, get approved and just opt within available product listing or create a new list from your catalog and start selling your products. What's more? We are one stop ‘Electrical Ecommerce Service Providers’ who provide logistics, account handling, cataloging support and packaging materials. We have a program called Verified Seller to established brand reputation of sellers.

We provide fully automated logistic services through which you can ensure faster delivery of your items with quality and a delightful packaging. Combine these with the fastest payments in the industry and you get an excellent seller portal. No wonder Clickwik is India’s favourite place to sell electrical products online.